Pledge: "I support repeal of the death penalty"

Pledge: "I support repeal of the death penalty"

Since 1973, at least 155 people have been freed after evidence revealed that they were wrongfully sentenced to die. That’s more than one innocent person exonerated for every ten who’ve been executed. 

Despite the best intentions, we can’t be right 100% of the time. When there is a life is on the line, we can't afford the risk.

The death penalty is under a national spotlight. Now is the time to speak out for repeal!

Think we've never executed an innocent person? With the death penalty, even one mistake can be deadly. Sign the petition.

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    471 3 days ago j ju wa, US get em
    470 1 week ago Miranda Forentine IL , US In the USA, we have Human Rights; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The death penalty itself is against life. It is also unconstitutional, due to the fact that it goes against out 4th Ame...
    468 3 weeks ago Anonymous swejhvj, ID , US
    467 4 weeks ago Anonymous Conyers, GA , US Too many innocent people get the death penalty and the law officials just don't care. Once the person is gone, you can't bring him or her back. The justice system makes mistakes so that's why it sho...
    466 1 month ago Anonymous eugene, OR , US they may deserve it but it's not our job to judge them. it's God's. they'll get their punishment
    465 1 month ago Anonymous Pamplin, VA , US Because of innocent people are being killed.
    464 1 month ago Anonymous LA, CA , US
    463 2 months ago Anonymous TB, ON , CA yaaaaaa do it
    462 2 months ago Anonymous hardford, WY , US why do we kill ppl, who kill people, to show ppl killing is wrong?
    461 2 months ago iliyah hailey north carolina, NC , US
    460 3 months ago Anonymous Whitby, ON , CA I believe The Death Penalty is Wrong because A)The Death Penalty is Irreversible, B) The Death Penalty Models What The Government is Trying to Stop, C)Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right, D...
    459 3 months ago natalie carlin fontana, CA , US
    458 3 months ago Anonymous Newyork, NY , US It's very often, frequently & otherwise, taking into account in our "states" jurisdiction when death sentence are wrongfully passed by our civilized court & judiciary umbrella, to the accused victim...
    457 3 months ago natalie carlin fontana, CA , US
    456 3 months ago Mabel Curry Maryville , TN , US
    455 3 months ago Anonymous houston, TX , US I believe the death penalty is wrong because in most cases that person come back innocent in a certain amount of time. plus i think no one deserves to die when it comes to man made decision
    454 3 months ago Laycee Lamb Tn, TN , US
    453 4 months ago Anonymous raymodville, MO , US it is stupid stiupid bull shit
    452 4 months ago DavidIt Anderson Mattapoisett, MA , US It's too often used as legl lynching of blacks.
    451 4 months ago Anonymous Canberra, ACT , AU
    450 4 months ago James Smith Corvallis , MT , US I don't want the blood of innocents on my hands.
    449 4 months ago Anonymous Canyon Lake, TX , US
    448 5 months ago Jessica Perrin Runcorn, GB+C5 , GB I fully support this movement. It is about time the innocent had a voice. I write to a man on death row who is also innocent, he has been on death row for 40 years and is being denied justice. I wil...
    447 5 months ago gabe hammen gains, KS , US gainz
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