Pledge: "I support repeal of the death penalty"

Pledge: "I support repeal of the death penalty"

Since 1973, at least 160 people have been freed after evidence revealed that they were wrongfully sentenced to die. That’s more than one innocent person exonerated for every ten who’ve been executed. 

Despite the best intentions, we can’t be right 100% of the time. When there is a life is on the line, we can't afford the risk.

The death penalty is under a national spotlight. Now is the time to speak out for repeal!

Think we've never executed an innocent person? With the death penalty, even one mistake can be deadly. Sign the petition.

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    506 1 week ago Anne Fallon IE+04 , IE This is my opinion - why would a country take someone's life to show that taking someone's life is wrong ? It's a paradox and counterproductive !
    505 1 month ago Anonymous Kannur, IN+13 , IN I am totally against for death penalty. There is nothing benefit to kill a person. It is highly possible to execute an innocent person too. There are thousands of criminals repent and can lead a goo...
    504 1 month ago Chloe Ziegler Covington, TN , US Facts an evidence are sometimes not enough to end someones life. there have been cases in which someone was tried as guilty, killed, and then later found to be innocent. Also justice is flawed in gi...
    503 1 month ago Audrey Anderson Salt lake city , UT , US
    502 2 months ago Anonymous Concord, NH , US
    501 2 months ago Sharon Ortiz Tulsa, OK , US
    500 2 months ago Vicky Smith NC , US It is absolutely disgusting and disturbing that a lot of times new evidence is not allowed Therefore they just murded an innocent man.They deserve a fair trial or at least be able to introduce new e...
    499 2 months ago Attika Toumi Paris, FR+A8 , FR
    498 2 months ago Sarah Ault GB+01 , GB
    497 2 months ago Anne Qualls ELKHART, IN , US It is not justice. It hurts all involved.
    496 2 months ago Nate Jones Buena Park, CA , US
    495 3 months ago NADIA DI MARTINO Sydney, NSW , AU Wrong and not human.
    494 5 months ago Lyle Russworm OKC, OK , US Their over 2000 people in the USA pending execution! Stop this inhuman act against humanity plus an disproportionate of these inmates on death row are minorities and the mentally challenged!
    493 5 months ago Stephen Lehocki Burlington, ON , CA
    492 6 months ago Anonymous abotsford, BC , CA its stuiped and shouldn't be alloud
    491 6 months ago Anonymous Madison, CT , US every one should get a second chance and completely violates all human rights to life
    490 6 months ago Veronica Ramos Kuzuhara Park Ridge , IL , US
    489 6 months ago Veronica Ramos Kuzuhara Park Ridge , IL , US It completely violates a human's right to life, all people have the human dignity and the right to be free form inhumane punishment.
    488 6 months ago Anonymous Hamtramck, MI , US We are all children of God, and not one of us on this earth can take away the life from a child of God, no matter what that person has done prior in life. Jesus Christ told us to forgive one another...
    487 7 months ago Anonymous richmond, VA , US Why, kill someone for a crime that they committed if killing them is not stopping other people from committing the same crime that the other person did and get the same result or just does it period...
    486 7 months ago Anonymous CA , US We cannot teach people that it is wrong to kill by killing them.
    485 7 months ago Anonymous UT , US Let's stand together & END the Death Penalty!!!!
    484 7 months ago Shannon Keenan IE+07 , IE The death penalty is a violation of human rights! Two wrongs do not make a right! Lock them up for life
    483 7 months ago Mindy Hermann Chicago, IL , US The death penalty is the biggest violation of human rights that exists!! I will work my hardest and plan on using my education once I become a clinical social worker to help end this disgusting and ...
    482 7 months ago tina brown Bexhill, GB+E2 , GB It is so wrong, so very wrong, its got to stop.
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