Stand with Susan. Repeal the death penalty.

Stand with Susan. Repeal the death penalty.

Petition: I support repeal of the death penalty.

Since 1973, at least 155 people have been freed after evidence revealed that they were wrongfully sentenced to die. That’s almost one innocent person exonerated for every ten who’ve been executed. 

Despite the best intentions, we can’t be right 100% of the time. When there is a life is on the line, we can't afford the risk.

The death penalty is under a national spotlight. Now is the time to speak out for repeal!

Susan Sarandon

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    800 2 days ago John Trevithick Rockville, MD , US The state should not be in the business of killing people.
    799 3 weeks ago Michael Miller West Chester, OH , US
    798 3 weeks ago Karen Killen Miami, FL , US
    797 1 month ago Rebeckah Holder The Woodlands, TX , US Years from now, we will look back on the death penalty as a barbaric, primitive, evil practice. Capital punishment is society's way of saying, "you will never be forgiven, because you are not a huma...
    796 1 month ago Journey Keyser Tempe, AZ , US
    795 1 month ago Jason Millwood Land O Lakes, FL , US
    794 3 months ago Adam Young Virginia City, NV , US It is time to repeal the Death Penalty... capital punishment has been proven not to work and is not a facet of our society that I want my children to see. We are the only modern country that still r...
    793 3 months ago Anonymous Hessisch Oldendorf, DE+06 , DE
    792 3 months ago Jason Neale Bexhill On Sea, GB+E2 , GB
    791 3 months ago Sabrina Brown Port Townsend, WA , US
    790 3 months ago Silvia Heinze Runkel, DE+05 , DE
    789 3 months ago Frances Daly Galway, IE
    788 3 months ago Anonymous Weißenfels, DE
    787 3 months ago Ploumi Cain Port Orange , FL , US
    786 3 months ago Wolfgang Liebelt Siegburg, DE
    785 3 months ago Wolfgang Liebelt Siegburg, DE
    784 3 months ago suzanne osgood washington, DC , US
    783 3 months ago Anna Broxterman Concordia, US The 5th commandments says "Thou shalt not kill." and that holds true if it is a convicted murderer or someone on the street.
    782 3 months ago Claire Smith BEWDLEY, GB+20 , GB
    781 3 months ago Mary E. Corbett Philadelphia, PA , US
    780 3 months ago Elizabeth Moore Gaithersburg, MD , US
    779 3 months ago Mary Fineran Flourtown, PA , US
    778 3 months ago Marj Anderson Conway, US
    777 4 months ago Katharina Bausch Pliezhausen, DE+01 , DE
    776 4 months ago Corinne Rhodes Rutland, MA , US
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