Stand with Susan. Repeal the death penalty.

Stand with Susan. Repeal the death penalty.

Petition: I support repeal of the death penalty.

Since 1973, at least 165 people have been freed after evidence revealed that they were wrongfully sentenced to die. That’s almost one innocent person exonerated for every ten who’ve been executed. 

Despite the best intentions, we can’t be right 100% of the time. When there is a life is on the line, we can't afford the risk.

The death penalty is under a national spotlight. Now is the time to speak out for repeal!

Susan Sarandon

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    1344 1 week ago Linda Larkin Wausaukee, WI , US EVERYONE involved with Richard's case NEED to go over EVERY item of evidence, EVERY word of statements until there is NO REASONABLE doubt that Richard is an INNOCENT man, and the governor of Oklahom...
    1343 4 weeks ago Christine Gelabert East Meadoe, NY , US
    1342 4 weeks ago Pieter Portengen Emmen, NL+01 , NL
    1341 4 weeks ago Michele Deltieure Palm Beach Gardens, FL , US Its more expensive then life on taxpayers, it does not deter crime and it is murder. Two wrongs never make a right. Civilized countries do not murder their convicts. It also allows some innocent ...
    1340 1 month ago Brenda Carrasco Denver , CO , US It's time to end this barbaric practice in the USA. Western nations are above this vengeance. We are not Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Iraq...yet we are on par with these human rights abusers.
    1339 2 months ago Andrea Greber Schweinfurt, DE+02 , DE
    1338 3 months ago Anonymous Buckley, WA , US
    1337 3 months ago Viola Juhász Budapest, HU+05 , HU
    1336 3 months ago Anonymous Los Angeles, CA , US There are many falsely accused like me.
    1335 3 months ago Cassandra Broomfield Overland, MO , US The number of wrongful convictions is much higher than what is currently believed or known.
    1334 4 months ago Marcy Pooler Pearland, TX , US Because The HighPower, Our Creator, which is Much higher and More Powerful than any Law, Mankind or Religion. HighPower does not discriminate on Race or Religion and any Mankind that thinks has a ri...
    1333 4 months ago Ingrid Veel Wormerveer, NL+07 , NL
    1332 4 months ago Patricia Hardy Dryden Ontario , ON , CA
    1331 4 months ago Anonymous San Diego, CA , US Every person deserves to be given the chance to make amends with victims and their maker... The Death Penalty inhibits that process from occurring.
    1330 4 months ago Marcia Roberson TUCSON, AZ , US
    1329 4 months ago Haylee Barta Harrah, OK , US
    1328 5 months ago Anonymous cork city, IE
    1327 5 months ago Sigrid Walsh Richardson, TX , US I’m a humanitarian.
    1326 5 months ago Susan Smith Pelion, SC , US
    1325 5 months ago kelly rigg reading , PA , US because my friend on deathrow is innocent as are many others and it's uncivilized!
    1324 5 months ago Donna Brewer Lexington , TX , US Because RODNEY REED is INNOCENT and on death row here in Texas .
    1323 5 months ago Barbara vom Ort Hagen, DE+07 , DE Unschuldige, OFFENSICHTLICH UNSCHULDIGE, sterben. Ich verstehe dieses Rechtssystem in den USA nicht.
    1322 5 months ago Dijana Topić CH+15 , CH No person has the right to decide on another person's life and death. A state or a person who punishes a person with the death penalty is no better than that man who has made a cruel act. Just becau...
    1321 5 months ago Suzanne Selover Tennant, CA , US The death penalty is a moral outrage. End it now!!
    1320 5 months ago Edward Wood Macdoel, CA , US Killing even one innocent person is morally unacceptable. END the death penalty!
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