Stand with Susan. Repeal the death penalty.

Stand with Susan. Repeal the death penalty.

Petition: I support repeal of the death penalty.

Since 1973, at least 160 people have been freed after evidence revealed that they were wrongfully sentenced to die. That’s almost one innocent person exonerated for every ten who’ve been executed. 

Despite the best intentions, we can’t be right 100% of the time. When there is a life is on the line, we can't afford the risk.

The death penalty is under a national spotlight. Now is the time to speak out for repeal!

Susan Sarandon

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    958 1 week ago Julia Smucker Portland, ME , US A culture of life is the answer to wrongdoing, not more death. Restorative justice, not violence.
    957 3 weeks ago Johanne Bouchard Dolbeau, QC , CA I know in my Heart and soul...Richard Glossip is an innocent man. He has been the victim of the police, the justice system and the lies of the real murderer who has been led by the police in his tes...
    956 3 weeks ago Anonymous Powell River, BC , CA It will be the first necessary step to repealing our culture of hatred and violence. I have a fellow Canadian stuck with a death sentence down in the USA. He’s been sitting there for 40 years.
    955 4 weeks ago Marianne Ferry St Julien les Villas, FR+A4 , FR The death penalty is inhumane
    954 4 weeks ago Nathan Goforth Hull, GB Because they get it wrong
    953 4 weeks ago Lori Howard Centreville, VA , US It's effected me.

    Not in my name!
    952 4 weeks ago Kristy Norbutt Fredericksburg, VA , US I support the repealing of the death penalty because one innocent person put to death is one too many. I also support its repeal because of Richard Glossip who is innocent and on death row. I think ...
    951 4 weeks ago Melanie Adams Furneux Pelham, GB
    950 4 weeks ago Gary Platt Dublin, IE Where there is a risk of excecuting an innocent person, it has to be stopped.
    949 4 weeks ago ingrid veel Wormerveer, NL Nobody should have the right to kill, why does the American justice system think they are above god?
    948 4 weeks ago John DeVincent Reseda, CA , US state has no right to kill
    947 4 weeks ago Anonymous IE+07 ,
    946 4 weeks ago Suzanne M Dublin, IE+07 , IE
    945 4 weeks ago Renate Mari Hagen, DE+06 , DE
    944 4 weeks ago Amanda Eilertsen SE
    943 4 weeks ago Caroline Donnery Dublin, IE
    942 4 weeks ago Cousaert myriam Mons, BE+03 , BE Je ne suis pas pour la peine de mort car tuer une personne ne vaut pas la peine qu'on en tue une autre faut juste faire travailler les détenus a nettoyer le bord des routes bonne journée de la Belgi...
    941 4 weeks ago Hilary Swink Hollywood, CA , US
    940 4 weeks ago Heidi Carlson South Portland , ME , US Too many Innocent people are wrongfully convicted and at times wrongfully executed. It’s a sad travesty of justice and nobody wins.
    939 4 weeks ago Betty Martin Dublin, ot , US
    938 4 weeks ago Leigha Jurasik Dorothy , NJ , US
    937 4 weeks ago Jackie Gartland Bolton, GB+18 , GB With capital punishment there's always a risk of executing an innocent person. Plus people are capable of change, no matter how terrible their crime was.
    936 4 weeks ago Anonymous Lindsey, OH , US
    935 4 weeks ago Pam Deghand Topeka, KS , US The death penalty does not detour people from committing murder. It’s cruel and barbaric punishment. It solves nothing.
    934 4 weeks ago Johan Holtkuile HOUTEN, NL+09 , NL
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